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September 15th, 2010

So about a month ago, all of my userheads (lj user, rss & community) in the title area stopped loading.
Hadn't changed ANYTHING at all before it happened, and I figured that it would sort itself out again. Nope, it still refuses to load and I get this sort of thing under every title on my flist
self referencing!
in firefox, and a little blank box in IE and on my iphone.

Does anyone know why on earth this happened? And how to fix it?
If I change layout styles it all comes back, but I really love the lickable layout! I changed everything back to the default settings, removed all customisation, and it still stayed like that. Apparently the link for the images is wrong, but how can it be wrong? and if I change the userhead using the code from the tiny icon generator code, I can make the userheads change in the comments area, but that is all.

Does anyone know what might be going on? I'm pretty tech-savvy, but I have not customised my journal in a really long time and just don't know where to start digging through code!

August 11th, 2008

(no subject)

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Is there a list of all the different font elements (similar to this) that applies to Quite Lickable?

Mostly, I just want to make some of the fonts on my journal small-caps.

April 13th, 2008

I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to anywhere. Is it possible to lock down a community in Quite Lickable so that the timestamp can't be edited?? We have a weekly challenge comm, and people are "postdating" entries, but I can't find a way to disable that feature.

March 19th, 2008

(no subject)

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LIPZ - Blue lipizzan
I am attempting to come up with a few Quite Lickable layouts to post on IJ, since there are so few custom layouts available over there. I have code that came from babyelefant and I have been modifying that, and I am stuck.

Here is the journal layout I'm working on, on IJ: Layout

  • How do I make the journal skinnier so that the excess margin on the left side and right side are gone? Every time I have tried all it's done is moved the content around and set everything to one side or the other. I want a centered journal, but thinner.

  • How do I change the security icon to a small one like the other tiny icons? I have no idea what code does that, though I managed to get the other icons replaced.

    Thanks, everyone.
  • March 14th, 2008

    Ever since I upgraded to IE 7 last year (yes, I'm finally getting around to posting about this), my leave a comment and # of comments bleeds together.  There's no space between them.  Has anyone else run into this problem?  Or is it just me?  Is there a way to correct this? 

    February 15th, 2008

    what the?!

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    Hey folks.

    So far I've done a lot of customization with my layer.
    -added tags list to my sidebar
    -changed "mood" music" & "location"
    -changed "navigation" "links" and "tags"
    -added custom header and background

    For some reason, no matter WHAT I do, I cannot get that line between my entries to work. It is driving me mad. :( Any idea what could be causing the error? I loathe how the entries bleed together, and really want something dividing them.

    Also, for some reason, my tags list is now above my links, but before when I was messing around with the customizations, they were below the links. I cannot isolate what I did differently. Ideas?

    I love QL and it has taken place of all layouts I have ever liked.
    So yes, I am being uber picky, heh.


    January 31st, 2008

    Hello! This community doesn't seem too active, but I hope I can find some help. ^__^

    After seeing multiple friends use it, I switched to QL, as it seems the best S2 layer I've yet seen. I went through every entry in this community and was able to tweak almost everything I wanted, but there are still a few questions I'd like to ask.

    1. Is there a way to add either an image or line between entries?
    2. Is there a way to change the text for location and tags, as with mood and music?
    3. Is there a way to choose the order of sections in the sidebar?

    These questions were asked before, but I wasn't able to find an answer that seemed to help.
    I already have a custom layer going, if that helps. Thanks in advance!!!

    November 26th, 2007

    ...but is there any way for me to move the font in the title thingy to the bottom of the header? I can move it to the right/left/center but I cannot move it down. any ideas?

    November 19th, 2007

    I lost my old layout (a customized Generator one I made years ago. I was in love with it but not much I can do - the code is not saved on this computer.

    Anyway, I decided to give Quite Lickable a shot thinking I'd be able to have tags in the sidebar and spent awhile getting the colors, background, etc. how I wanted them.

    Is there an easy CSS code I can pop in to display the tags? I'm not a paid member.

    November 4th, 2007

    Hi, I'm new to the Quite Lickable style and I've been working hard all night trying to customize it. I do have one question that I haven't found an answer to yet. Is it possible to get the entire journal to align to the right hand side? Like, have the main journal area and the side bar all squished over onto the right hand side with no space between the side of the browser and the side bar?

    August 8th, 2007

    On my fiction journal, fics_by_aj I am using Lickable and want to change the text of the location, music and mood to something other than the default. How can I do that?

    I figured it out all by myself...whoot!!!

    April 30th, 2007

    Button links?

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    disgruntled cat squee
    Has anyone done mods to be able to add button links to a sidebar in Lickable for an S2 paid account? You know, like most other blog hosts out there can do. I am not a coder, to figure this myself; I suck at it.
    I just started an LJ account and I have a somewhat concrete idea of how I want my layout to look like. I want it to be simple and easily customizable, so I chose the Quite Lickable layout. I have some questions though:
    1. Is there any way I can adjust the width of the content area?   On certain computers, the background hardly shows up.
    2. Can I use a different background pattern for the sidebar similar to this one: layout-lady.livejournal.com?
    3. Can I change the size and color of the titles to my posts?
    My LJ is just a work-in-progress, it looks like this right now: guinevere79.livejournal.com. It’s just a plus account. I may be willing to convert to paid account if the questions I have above may be addressed if I get a paid account.

    April 3rd, 2007

    Hoy there!

    I've just discovered S2 Quite Lickable for my paid account and I'm really happy with it or at least I would be if it weren't for my default userpic and those pesky little 22x20 icons beneath it.

    So I was wondering - how do I get rid of that (while keeping the individual userpics on my recent entries)?

    Edit: Whoops, silly me. Never mind about the 22x20 icons, though I'd still like to get rid of the userpic plus perhaps move the sidebar to the left side (and I hope I'm not missing the obvious again). SOS?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    February 3rd, 2007


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    After lots of experimenting and searching, I just can't seem to figure out how to get rid of the timestamp that appears below the headers to my entries. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!

    December 3rd, 2006

    Multi-level Tags

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    Sreya - Celebration aiming
    Thanks for the help so far, I've really gotten my journal looking pretty neat!

    I was wondering if anyone's figured out how to use the multi-level tag list concept in QL. I tried hacking in with some other code I found, but no luck yet. It just comes up blank instead of with the list.

    I tried using murklintest's code in the Flexible Squares community, if you're curious to see some.

    Custom Sidebar Modules

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    Sreya - Celebration aiming
    Is there a basic code for creating custom sidebar modules? I found the code for adding the Tags list, but didn't really see a way of making it more general.

    September 1st, 2006

    How do I align the current mood, music and tags next to the mood icon for free account?

    I used the following, but it looks somewhat overlapped since the metadata is a list.

    .entrymeta img {
    float: left;
    margin-top: 0px;

    Crossposted to s2styles

    August 31st, 2006

    A few questions

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    1. is it possible to have my tags put in a scrolling text box.
    2. can I add more links to the links (ex, the recent entries, friends, calendar links)
    3. can I put free text boxes into my sidebar.

    I have a paid account by the way.

    August 29th, 2006

    A question.

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    So I know you can set the music and mood labels at the bottom of each entry with this code:

    set text_meta_mood = "mood";
    set text_meta_music = "music";

    Can you do the same for tags?
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